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Advanced technology fields offer a breadth of opportunities for those interested in pursuing them. However, many potential STEM students need to be better informed about the various career paths, what a STEM career could look like, or how to get started. Hearing from students and professionals in these high-tech fields is a practical approach for reaching those who want to learn more.

In this month's From the Archive blog post, we highlight career videos ATE grantees created. Our first collection of videos spotlights the work of technicians in the expansive field of advanced manufacturing. In contrast, our second calls attention to the expectations of students enrolled in a nuclear energy program and their reasons for choosing this industry. Last up is a promotional video featuring recent graduates, who describe their experiences and advice for pursuing a career in photonics.

For those interested in creating their own career videos, check out this past From the Archive blog post on producing quality video content.

Two Video Series from the Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence

In this 2020 Interview Series, viewers learn about various careers in advanced manufacturing; interviewees describe their roles as engineers, technicians, designers, and more. Viewers also have the opportunity to learn more about specific organizations in this 2020 Company Profile Series. In each video, viewers hear from employees from the company—from electrical assemblers to directors of operations, CNC programmers to welders.

For more archived resources offered by MNMFG, visit the ATE Central resource portal.

Careers in Nuclear Energy

In these student interviews from the Regional Center for Nuclear Education and Training (RCNET), students enrolled into the RCNET Nuclear Program discuss their reasons for choosing a career in nuclear energy. The students also talk about how the RCNET program prepares them for their careers and the role nuclear energy might play in the country's growing energy demands.

For more archived resources offered by RCNET, visit the ATE Central resource portal.

Careers in Photonics

In this video from Indian Hills Community College, engineers and technicians describe the positive aspects of photonics careers, different types of technicians who use photonics in their jobs, and important subjects to study in school.

For more archived resources offered by Developing Photonics Education in Iowa's Rural Secondary Schools, visit the ATE Central resource portal.

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