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In STEM education, mastering basic mathematics is both essential and challenging for many students. As a foundation for numerous scientific and technological disciplines, math is crucial, yet its abstract nature can often make even fundamental concepts seem elusive.

This month’s From the Archive blog post highlights creative methodologies that render mathematics more tangible by linking theoretical concepts to real-world contexts. Featured below are three ATE projects that exemplify this approach, each designed to meld mathematical concepts with practical applications in various STEM fields such as engineering, advanced manufacturing, and biotechnology.

Contextualized Math for Student Success

The Contextualize to Learn: Preparing Faculty Toward Math Contextualization for Student Success in Advanced Technological Education project aimed to improve teaching and learning by connecting mathematics with academic and occupational content. These 47 lessons cover a wide range of mathematical concepts, from foundational principles in algebra to applied mathematics in fields like welding and construction technology, among others.

For more archived resources by Contextualize to Learn, visit the ATE Central resource portal.

College Math for Biology Majors

The Increasing the Student Biotech Pipeline project worked to develop academic pathways and curricula in biotechnology leading to stackable certificates. In tandem with these efforts, the project created two specialized manuals, one focused on algebra and the other on trigonometry. Each manual includes worksheets, test reviews, and supplemental articles that highlight real-world applications of mathematics in biology research.

For more archived resources by Increasing the Student Biotech Pipeline, visit the ATE Central resource portal.

Contextualized Intermediate Algebra for Female Students

This collection of classroom resources from Norwalk Community College is specifically designed for intermediate algebra classes, with a special focus on inspiring female students. These materials aim to ignite curiosity and encourage exploration, particularly as students explore academic and career paths. The curriculum includes engaging lessons on a number of topics including systems of equations, exponents, factoring, rational expressions, radicals, and quadratic equations.

For more archived resources by the Recruitment and Retention of Women in Engineering and Engineering Technology project, visit the ATE Central resource portal.

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