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From the Archive: STEM Resources for Middle School Students

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A special thanks to Rachel Flynn for contributing this month’s From the Archive blog post. Rachel is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison iSchool.

Many ATE projects and centers extend the scope of their reach by developing materials to be used in K-12 classrooms. These STEM-focused materials teach students a variety of concepts related to science, technology, engineering, and math; many of the materials that are made available through the ATE Central Archive can be used and adapted to fit a variety of classroom settings. In this month’s From the Archive blog post, we’re highlighting the work of three ATE projects and centers that support the education of middle school students in STEM. Resources featured include a workbook about energy, an assortment of lesson plans, and an activity designed to teach middle school students about manufacturing. For more information, explore the links provided below. To find more resources in the Archive geared towards middle school students, try browsing ATE Central by Education Level.

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NWCCD Summer Energy Education Program: Student Workbook 2012

This 43-page student workbook was created to supplement the Summer Energy Education Program offered by the Northern Wyoming Community College District from 2010 through 2012. The program was designed to serve teachers and educators in northeastern Wyoming who have an interest in math and science with hands-on activities and lessons in energy. The 2012 workbook is intended to "engage interested middle school students—those entering grades 7 and 8—with energy-related science experiences." It includes fact sheets, guided activities, and worksheets on topics like electricity and magnetism, human power, solar power, wind power, and more.

For more archived resources by the Energy Technician Education Project, visit the ATE Central Archive.

Lesson Plans from AgrowKnowledge

This collection of short lesson plans from AgrowKnowledge: The National Center for Agriscience & Technology Education introduces students to a variety of concepts.

  • In the first, Measurement Activity Lesson Plan, students learn the importance of measurement and how to read a ruler.
  • The activity in the lesson plan Every Plant for Itself is intended to strengthen students’ knowledge of the key requirements of plants, demonstrate plant survival, and to explain how herbicides eliminate competition for key resources by weeds.
  • Finally, the Geocaching GPS Lab Exercise covers concepts of the game geocaching. "Upon completion of this activity students will be able to explain the concepts of geocaching and be able to find an unknown position using a Garmin 12 GPS unit."

For more archived resources by AgrowKnowledge, visit the ATE Central Archive.

I Didn’t Know That was Made in Florida

This activity from the Florida Advanced Technological Education (FLATE) Center uses the example of goods manufactured in the state of Florida to explore the variety of manufacturing industries active in the United States. After completing the activity, students should be able to "understand the importance of the manufacturing process and the careers involved in the modern manufacturing process." The activity plan includes a list of materials needed, objectives, a step-by-step description of the activity, and an evaluation section. A student handout is also included. 

For more archived resources by the FLATE Center, visit the ATE Central Archive.

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