ATE Impacts 2020-2021

FloridaMakes Sustains FLATE Activities FLATE is integrating its education partnerships with FloridaMakes's regional manufacturing organizations. This partnership will help sustain FLATE's activities after its NSF funding ends. FloridaMakes's mission is to improve the productivity and technological performance of Florida manufacturers by accelerating technology adoption, talent development, and business growth, and to strengthen the state's high-wage manufacturing economy. Community of Practice Begins with 10 Regional Convenings To begin the transition FLATE and FloridaMakes convened 12 regional workshops in 2019 to construct a statewide community of practice among two-year degree manufacturing programs and the regional associations that support advanced manufacturing in Florida. Altogether 135 representatives of manufacturing companies attended the regional meetings for discussions with 66 educators, 21 CareerSource Florida counselors, and 69 other stakeholders. Manufacturers' challenges identified include finding technicians with language skills and soft skills who are able to solve problems collaboratively. Potential new activities include manufacturers hosting teacher , . . Manufacturing technicians must know how to control production inputs, maintain equipment, and troubleshoot problems. • Learning about careers, types of jobs available, and job requirements • Learning the importance of manufacturing in daily life/history D Interacting with the tour guides who made the manufacturing process understandable D Participating in the hands-on activities and hearing real-life examples • Learning about the machines and how they work • Learning about the advanced technologies used in testing and quality processes professional development days at their facilities; holding summer camps for students and teachers; and creating a website to facilitate their communication with educators, trainers, and support organizations. 9