Three Video Series Highlighting the ATE Community

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ATE Central serves as an information hub for the ATE grantee community alongside promoting the work of ATE grantees and sustaining their work through ATE Central’s archiving services and resource collection. ATE Central also creates a number of tools, services, and resources that are freely available to those within and beyond ATE and are designed to support the work of educators. In this post, we wanted to share some of our work done collaboratively with others to create several different video series. These include the ATE Student Success Stories, the Achieving Sustainability series, and four new videos that showcase the impact of the ATE programs and are a companion to the ATE Impacts book.

The Student Success Stories highlight a diverse set of students' struggles and triumphs in community and technical college settings and showcase the impact of the ATE program on their lives, education, and career paths. The ATE Impacts videos reveal the impact of ATE on a variety of stakeholders—Principal Investigators, administrators, students, and industry partners.  

And finally, the Achieving Sustainability series was created in collaboration with the American Association of Community Colleges to help support ATE grantees as they endeavor to sustain their activities and impacts beyond National Science Foundation (NSF) funding. Read on to learn more about each video series. 


ATE Student Success Stories

The ATE Student Success Story videos, created in collaboration with WGBH Boston and Vox Television, highlight students impacted by ATE projects or centers. The videos highlight how these students’ lives and careers have been changed for the better, with support and guidance from Principal Investigators (PIs), staff, and industry partners. Each video documents a unique success story, but all of them have a common theme: technician training has the power to change lives. These videos are a great way to promote the work of ATE projects and centers and can be used freely in educational settings to help bring attention to the importance and impact of workforce development and community college programs in general and the ATE program in particular. Watch the videos on ATE Central.

ATE Impacts 

As a part of the ATE Impacts 2022-2023 book and in collaboration with Vox Television, the ATE Impacts project released several videos spotlighting the experiences of ATE's community. These videos feature students, administrators, educators, and industry partners sharing how ATE initiatives have impacted their institutions, programs, careers choices, and life paths. The Impacts Videos feature ATE community members  from Pellissippi Community College, South Central College, Columbus State Community College, and Asnuntuck Community College. The videos are a new feature of the most recent ATE Impacts book, which showcases the important role that two-year community and technical colleges play in building the skilled technical workforce and provides evidence of the United States' critical economic need for technician education. Interested users can access the videos on ATE's Impacts website


Achieving Sustainability

This five-part video series was a collaborative effort between the American Association of Community Colleges and ATE Central. The series features members of the National Science Foundation's Advanced Technological Education (ATE) community as they navigate funding after their NSF grants have ended. Each 3-5 minute video documents a unique aspect of sustainability. The Achieving Sustainability series is a great resource when thinking about what you should be doing to ensure the long-term success of your ATE project or center. The videos are easily downloadable and free for use in the classroom or other educational settings. Make sure to check out the ATE Central Sustainability Services page on the ATE Central portal to view the videos in total.

Videos are such a wonderful way to highlight the work of the ATE community and help share information and knowledge.  Have you and your team created videos that you’d like us to feature on our site and promote through social media?  Let us know - email us at

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