From the Archive: Attracting Veterans to Your ATE Program

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Are you looking to expand your outreach efforts? Have you considered creating new promotional materials that appeal to underserved populations? Most ATE grantees welcome the opportunity to work with female students, persons with disabilities, Veterans, and underrepresented minorities, though reaching these and other underserved populations is not always easy.

In this month’s From the Archive blog post, we are highlighting materials that may aid you in your efforts to reach one such underserved group: service members and Veterans. Our first resource describes how to customize three-fold and four-fold brochures to appeal to every branch of military service, while the second is a more overarching approach to Veteran outreach. Our final resource provides some helpful tips and best practices in reaching your desired audience. Even if your ATE program differs from those described in these resources, you may well be able to adapt OP-TEC’s InDesign files, find useful facts or photos to re-purpose, or discover inspiration to design your own brochure.

Military Veteran Outreach Brochures

This collection of promotional materials, provided by the National Center for Optics and Photonics Education (OP-TEC), includes student outreach brochures designed to attract military personnel and Veterans from all branches of the military. Each brochure includes information about photonics technology, career and program information, as well as a list of military occupational specialties that are a good fit for photonics careers. 

Available as InDesign files, these brochures are customizable for colleges to insert their own program information.

For more archived resources offered by OP-TEC, visit the ATE Central Archive.
Supply Chain Automation Veterans Brochure

This brochure, which is tailored to appeal to military Veterans, provides a definition for supply chain technician and includes the following sections: Projected Job Openings and Wages, Many Veterans already have supply chain technician skills, and U.S. Employment 2015-2025.

For more archived resources offered by National Center for Supply Chain Automation, visit the ATE Central Archive.

Outreach Best Practices

This best practice guide covers “strategies that ATE centers and projects have found effective in increasing the enrollment of three specific populations: veterans, Hispanics, and women." The following sections are included: Effective Outreach and Recruitment, Connect With Special Populations, Focus Groups For Research In Advance, When Dealing With Veterans, Veterans To Stem Careers, Reaching Out To Hispanic Populations, Recruiting Women To STEM, and Effective Strategies.

For more archived resources offered by ATE Collaborative Impact Project, visit the ATE Central Archive.

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