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2018 ATE Principal Investigators' Conference

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From October 24-26 the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), with support from NSF, will hold the 25th National ATE Principal Investigators’ Conference at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC. The annual conference offers a chance to share, collaborate, learn, and meet with other innovative members of the ATE community, including PIs, select project and center staff, and NSF program officers. ATE Central is particularly excited about this year’s meeting; after all, ATE only turns 25 once!

Along with other projects and centers, ATE Central is gearing up to host and assist with a number of events at this year’s conference. In getting ready to head to DC, many of us will be double checking website material, creating handouts or workshop material, and generally making sure that our project and center information is up to date. A number of ATE Central services and tools may be helpful in your efforts, as you get ready for the 2018 Conference:

  • ATE Impacts 2018-2019: 25 Years of Advancing Technician Education. This year the new ATE Impacts book launch was received by the community with an exorbitant amount of enthusiasm. Whether you received free copies of the book to promote your project or center’s efforts and need more, or you never got around to ordering some but would like to push them out on your campus or to industry partners now, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Visit the order form on the ATE Central site to place your order, or stop by booth #002 to pick up extras at the PI Meeting. 
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  • PI Meeting App. Plan which sessions to attend and track your PI meeting experiences with the annual PI meeting app. The 2018 app (available for iOs and Android) and companion website are designed to help attendees make the most of their conference experience. Conference participants can use their phone, tablet, or internet browser to create a personal schedule, stay up-to-date with the agenda and speaker lineup, search the attendee directory, and more. There's even an app video that shows users how to navigate through the options and use its features. 
  • Resource/Project/Center Records. Now is a great time to look at the description of your project or center and its resources on ATE Central. Let ATE Central know if you have new resource URLs, a new project description, other social media outlets, or a website we should know about. We can best support and amplify your efforts when we have up-to-date information about your project or center and its deliverables.
  • Activity Reports. ATE Central sends out quarterly Activity Reports that communicate data about project and center presence and usage of project and center deliverables on the ATE Central site. You are free to use this information however you wish. It is our hope, however, that the activity reports will support and inform your ongoing outreach efforts.
  • Events. Now is a great time to update your upcoming events. In addition to posting these on your website or through various social media outlets, make sure all your events are on the ATE events calendar. If you notice your event does not appear, please submit it here.
  • Archiving. The ATE Central archiving service is available to all ATE projects and centers as part of the support provided to the ATE community in executing data management and digital curation efforts. Having an archiving plan in place means that your hard work will have longevity beyond the course of your project or center’s funding period. We are committed to working with projects and centers to help with plans that work for everyone and encourage you to contact to develop an archiving plan tailored to your needs.
  • Outreach Kit. The ATE Central Outreach Kit can help projects and centers come up with an outreach plan or some specific outreach ideas. Leading up to the PI meeting, the communication section of the outreach kit might be particularly helpful: it includes tips on creating a mission statement and designing key messages so you can get the word out about your project or center.

Whether this is your first time attending the PI conference or your tenth, you can look through past conference presentations and even view videos on the AACC website.

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ATE Impacts is also a book! Copies are available upon request or at the ATE PI meeting in Washington, DC.

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