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The SC ATE National Resource Center for Expanding Excellence in Technician Education launched a searchable Compendium of Research on Technician Education in mid-July.

The compendium is the first phase of a Proven and Promising Practices database at (menu choice, lower right-hand corner of Homepage).

The compendium currently contains 332 entries of published research on technician education and related topics of interest to the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) community, its stakeholders, and other educators. Relevant content from peer-reviewed scholarly journals and other sources will be added as they come to the team’s attention.

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“This is information that has never been pulled together before. These are the kinds of things we think people should look at, know about, and use to inform their work,” said Elaine Craft, SC ATE Center Director. As more people learn what works and what doesn’t from the research included in the compendium, Craft said she hopes it will inform educational program formation, grant proposals, and future research on technician education.

At the 2013 HI-TEC Conference in Austin, Texas, SC ATE Center Project Manager, Tressa Gardner, and Craft introduced the Compendium of Research on Technician Education and asked for feedback on the approach of the compendium and the references it contains. Craft and Gardner ask that feedback on the approach of the compendium and the references it contains be emailed to them at and SC ATE is located at Florence Darlington Technical College in Florence, South Carolina.

Liesel A. Ritchie and her research assistant, Courtney Nichole Farnham, compiled the compendium for Ritchie is assistant director for Research at the Natural Hazards Center, Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. The compendium, funded by the SC ATE Center, is also enhancing dissemination of outcomes from the ATE-funded research project Enhancing Targeted Research in the Advanced Technological Education Program. Ritchie oversaw the nine research studies funded by this project grant that are now among studies included in the compendium.

The Research Compendium

  • Directs potential and funded principal investigators to research that can inform practice and future proposals;
  • Makes it easier for educators to learn, benefit from, and leverage what is known about technician education and strategies that work;
  • Guides the focus of new research projects by providing access to previously-completed research in the field, particularly to research funded by the ATE program; and
  • Facilitates dissemination of research findings by making them more broadly accessible and useful.

Key search terms for the compendium include

Technician Education (TE) and Research

TE and Resources

TE and Student Outcomes

TE and Workforce Needs

TE and Impacts

Research on Students in TE

Research on Technology Programs

Research on TE in Community Colleges

Research on Effectiveness of TE Centers

Research on Innovation

Research Needs in TE

Research on TE in Business and Industry

Research on Women in TE

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